Alina Telehealth Job Offer Guide

We are noticing an increasing trend in phishing scams that try to take advantage of people seeking employment with our company. Scammers are attempting to recreate our identity and company emails by slightly altering our web address. 

Please be aware of such scams that require you to provide personal and banking information! Here's how to tell if a scammer is offering you fake employment
Legitimate communication from Alina Telehealth
  • All email addresses we use end in either
    • OR
  • We never ask you to purchase any equipment or gift cards. We never ask you to buy or ship anything to us.
Signs of phishing scams
  • Email is received from non-business email domains, for example,, , etc
  • Email is received from email domains that are similar to our company name. For example, a scammer may send email from , which is almost identical to our company domain, except that there are 2 a's instead of 1
  • If you are asked to purchase products or gift cards, it is 100% a scam

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