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Our Mission as a Telemedicine Company

At Alina Telehealth, we offer our telehealth services to hospitals, healthcare systems, and outpatient clinics. Our goal is to work with healthcare providers to offer a more comprehensive and integrated approach to patient care. By partnering with us, healthcare systems can expand their reach and offer patients access to online consultations with licensed healthcare professionals. This can be especially beneficial for patients who live in remote or rural areas and may not have access to traditional medical facilities.

Our telehealth platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our partners use Alina’s secure, reliable videoconference platform to provide health services to patients at the point of care.

We believe that telemedicine is the future of healthcare, and we are committed to making it a reality. By working with hospitals, healthcare systems, and outpatient clinics, we can improve access to care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve health outcomes for all. If you're interested in partnering with Alina Telehealth to offer telemedicine services to your patients, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our telehealth services and how we can help you improve patient care.

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine (or Telehealth) is the facilitation and delivery of health-related services, including medical care, informational health and wellbeing services, patient and provider health education, and telecommunications related to self-care and digital communication technologies. As a growing industry, telemedicine offers a broader scope of digital healthcare services and engagement.
Benefits of Telemedicine

Nationwide Telehealth Company

At Alina TeleHealth, we offer a variety of medical specialties to choose from. In addition to telemedicine services we also provide telepsychiatry, teleneurology, and emergency psychiatric services. We partner with medical facilities and health professionals to provide telemedicine services throughout the United States. Using telecommunication technology, we provide patients with the medical expertise they need, when they need it, no matter where they are.
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Telehealth service reviews from our partners

  • Working with Alina Telehealth has been a great experience! I was not certain about expanding my services at first. But I'm glad I decided to work with alina Telehealth! This awesome career move has been most rewarding. Thank you Alina Telehealth for helping me jump into doing work that I love! I am just where I want to be, so thankful for the ways Alina Telehealth has supported me.
    Dr. TAW
  • Gracious and polite folks that bend over backwards to accommodate my schedule
    Dr. J K
  • To ensure a good mutual fit, Alina facilitates meetings between the client and potential providers. They never "push" and make sure that each person is comfortable and satisfied with an arrangement at all times via regular check-ins, which I have always appreciated. By acting like the "middle man" to ensure both clients' and providers' needs are met and well cared for, Alina really absorbs and addresses any stress to make sure everything runs smoothly and fairly for all involved.
    Stephanie H.
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Alina Telehealth as both a provider of services as well as a customer having hired them for professional work. I can readily say that Dr. Rawra and his team are highly professional, skilled, responsible and diligent - a true joy to work with. I have never encountered any problems whatsoever and find the entire team to communicate extremely well. I would highly recommend Alina without reservation and look forward to a long relationship with them.
    Paul B.
  • Having worked for other locums companies in the past, my experience working with Alina Telehealth has been markedly different and extremely pleasant! They are definitely more in tune to the needs of the physicians who work for them. The staff is very receptive, professional and quick in helping resolve issues or problems that might arise. They are friendly and very flexible in catering to changes/preferences.
    Iqram Q.
  • Going well. Staff is very friendly, no complaints here. You have improved all of your operating procedures. Dr. Rawra is very supportive and always available for any questions.
    Dr. Z U
  • Quick to respond to requests and assist with any technical needs in a very timely manner. Staff is always cordial and prompt. Will recommend to anyone.
    Dr. C E

What is a telehealth company?

We provide remote medical services to hospitals, outpatient clinics and healthcare systems through our telehealth platform. Our virtual consultations, remote monitoring of patients' vital signs and specialized telemedicine services improve healthcare access for those who face barriers to receiving medical care. Our user-friendly platform offers secure video consultations, messaging and electronic health records, making it easy for healthcare providers to incorporate telehealth into their workflows. We aim to improve access to care, reduce healthcare costs, and improve health outcomes for patients. Partner with us to offer telemedicine services to your patients.

What is the difference between telemedicine and telehealth?

While the terms telemedicine and telehealth are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle difference between them. Telemedicine typically refers to the use of telecommunication to provide clinical healthcare services, such as virtual consultations with doctors, remote monitoring of patients, and the delivery of medical information and services. In contrast, telehealth is a broader term that encompasses all health services delivered using telecommunication, including non-clinical services like health education, administrative meetings, and provider training.

In short, telemedicine is a subset of telehealth, and while both terms involve the use of technology to deliver healthcare services, telemedicine typically focuses on clinical services, while telehealth encompasses a broader range of healthcare services.

What are the 4 types of telehealth services?

The four main types of telehealth services are:
  • Live video conferencing: This involves real-time video and audio communication between a patient and a healthcare professional, often using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.
  • Store-and-forward: This involves the transmission of medical data, such as images or videos, to a healthcare professional for review at a later time.
  • Remote patient monitoring: This involves the use of connected devices to monitor patients' vital signs and symptoms, which can be transmitted electronically to a healthcare professional for review and analysis.
  • Mobile health: This involves the use of mobile apps and other digital tools to track and manage health-related data, such as medication adherence, diet, and exercise. This can also include virtual consultations with healthcare professionals via mobile devices.

Is telehealth effective for primary care?

Yes, telehealth has been found to be effective for primary care. Research has shown that telehealth can improve patient outcomes, increase access to care, and reduce healthcare costs, particularly for patients with chronic conditions who require ongoing management and monitoring. Telehealth can also improve patient satisfaction and increase provider efficiency by reducing the need for in-person visits for routine care.

How does Alina’s virtual primary care work?

Virtual primary care is a remote form of primary care accessed through a secure online platform. Alina’s virtual primary care bridges the gap between doctors and patients via video consultation. Our standard hospital contract provides hospitals with access to a team of qualified and certified physicians who are equipped to deliver exceptional remote medical consultations. In the event that a patient at the hospital requires medical attention, their nurses can effortlessly connect with our team, and one of our expert physicians will conduct a virtual appointment with the patient.

How is telemedicine used in healthcare?

Telemedicine is used in healthcare to provide remote medical care, consultations, monitoring, education, and collaboration between healthcare providers. It helps to improve patient outcomes, increase access to care, and reduce healthcare costs while providing more convenient options for patients and healthcare providers.

Why is telemedicine important in healthcare?

Telemedicine is important in healthcare because it improves access to medical care, reduces healthcare costs, offers convenience to patients, and improves patient outcomes.

What do doctors do in telemedicine?

The role of doctors in telemedicine is to provide medical consultations, diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, and follow-up care to patients remotely using telecommunication.

How is a telemedicine visit done?

Hospitals facilitate telemedicine visits between patients and their healthcare providers through a secure online platform. Patients schedule an appointment with their provider and connect to the platform at the scheduled time to communicate through video or audio chat. The provider diagnoses the condition and recommends a treatment plan based on the symptoms and information provided by the patient.

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