No matter what tragic event may have happened, we are here to help

Immediate mental healthcare to help individuals get on the path to recovery anytime, anywhere.

Our emergency telepsychiatry services offer a support system, evaluation or assessment, or just someone to talk to. Provide emergency psychiatric services and care at your medical facility by partnering with us.
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Emergency Telepsychiatry Provider

No matter the location or type of shocking event, we have the emergency psychiatric services you need to get through this tough time

  • Hospitals
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  • Health Related Industries
  • Small and Large Businesses
  • Schools and Universities
  • Public Attractions
  • Public Events
Emergency Psychiatry Provider

Tragic events are often out of our control and can occur at any time.

Children are even at risk of possible unfortunate events happening within their school. It’s not abnormal to experience short-term anxiety following these unforeseen instances, and emotional recovery is often a long-term process with lasting effects. Trauma negatively affects mental health in the aftermath of heartbreaking events, especially for individuals who have suffered trauma in the past.

Alina TeleHealth provides a helping hand during these tragic times by offering emergency psychiatric services and care.

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Our telemedicine services can be applied to big cities as well as rural locations. We contract with the highest quality health professionals and partner with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities throughout the Nation.
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