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Physician staffing solutions for telemedicine

Bring the specialist to the patient whenever and wherever you may need through our customized telehealth solutions.

Telemedicine services for hospitals and healthcare systems. Telehealth staffing agency.

Telehealth Services designed specifically for your facility

We understand you want to provide the best healthcare possible to your patients.
And you are doing the best you can. However, it can be difficult to provide excellent patient care when resources are unavailable or stretched thin and budgets are tight.

At Alina TeleHealth, we can help with that. We understand no two medical facilities are the same and that your healthcare needs are as unique as your physicians, staff, and patients. However, by collaborating together, we can come up with a plan to provide customized telemedicine solutions to meet the needs of your facility and patients.

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What sets us apart from other companies?

In one word—cost. We offer quality service and can help fill the gaps in service you have while helping you save money. We offer an array of telehealth solutions at a fraction of the cost charged by other providers.

With our experience providing telemedicine for hospitals and a range of medical facilities across the nation, you can be confident knowing you are partnering with a knowledgeable company committed to helping you provide excellent patient care.

When you choose to partner with Alina Telehealth, we will make a positive impact on your facility—together.

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Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs

The needs of your medical facility are constantly changing as the physicians you employ and your patient census changes. We understand it can be hard to meet these rapidly changing needs which is why Alina TeleHealth creates custom plans to meet your facility needs by tailoring physician services wherever and whenever you need them.

Our team is able to quickly respond to consult requests whether that be in the emergency room or an inpatient unit. No more holding up a bed to wait for a specialty consult or paying for costly transfers to another facility.
Our telemedicine solutions are also designed to benefit your facility and help you:

  • Keep more of your patients rather than having to transfer them (which is costly)
  • Reduce the length of patient stays (thereby opening more beds)
  • Cover night shifts and other shifts more effectively
  • Avoid having a shortage of specialists
  • Expand your reach of patient care

Improve Patient Care

Incorporating telemedicine solutions in your facility can help improve patient care in several ways. With access to a variety of medical specialists at your fingertips, your facility is able to quickly connect patients with the specialist they need, when they need it. As a result, your facility is able to appropriately respond to any medical case it may encounter.

An important benefit of telemedicine for hospitals is the service it provides patients and families in rural locations and smaller communities. Millions of Americans do not have access to the care they need based on their location. Telemedicine can help fix that.