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Infectious disease specialists

Instead of waiting for your specialist to arrive at your facility, consult with him or her via our telemedicine communication technology.

Infectious diseases remote staffing services for hospitals and healthcare systems. Telehealth staffing agency.

Telehealth Provider for Infectious Diseases

With the limited number of infectious disease specialists, the best way to care for your patients is through telemedicine technology. By having on-demand access to your specialist, patients can receive an expert opinion in a timely manner.

Consultations, expertise, and healthcare assistance you require when you need it

Through telemedicine, our HIPAA compliant video software safely transfers clinical data, laboratory values, videos, and more, to the infectious disease specialist who is then able to study the case and provide their expert opinion. This is especially helpful in rural areas where access to an infectious disease specialist is extremely difficult but can be extremely valuable in inner cities as well. Contact us today to learn more about adding this service to your facility.

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