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Telemedicine & HIPAA Compliancy

Remote care through telemedicine has become a rising trend across the nation for both patients and providers. Telemedicine is just one way technology helps improve healthcare. Wonderful advances such as wearable tech and remote monitoring tools
add to the growing list technological advances in the field. But, as the old saying goes, with more power comes more responsibility.

Providers and facilities looking to use telemedicine to bridge the gap between patients and providers need to make HIPAA compliance a priority. And, in a digital age, navigating HIPAA Compliancy can be tricker than ever. Here’s a few ways T-Psychiatry provides a smooth and secure transition into telemedicine.

We work directly with the client’s EMR/EHR system

This allows our providers to easily enter documentation and notes in their own system for quick access and accuracy which can improve patient safety and security.

Our technology and equipment are HIPAA-compliant

We take the guess work out of the administrative setup! We ensure that all of our systems and equipment are HIPAA-compliant. That includes everything from the hardware, software and e-prescribing tools.

We provide customer and technical support

T-Psychiatry provides our own team of support to help you get time and money back on your side by reducing overhead costs and eliminating any third-party data breaches from other forms of support.

Implementing a telepsychiatry program can be a complex and expensive undertaking. Our goal is to provide a smooth transition into telepshychiatry that’s easy and affordable for the provider all while maintaining the guaranteed safety and privacy of your patients.

Hipaa Compliant Telehealth