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West Virginia Telehealth State Laws & Reimbursement Policies

Medicaid Telehealth Reimbursement


West Virginia Medicaid reimburses for live video under some circumstances. Reimbursement is only made for real time communications, therefore there is no reimbursement for store-and-forward or remote patient monitoring.

West Virginia Telehealth Summary


“Telehealth: The use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to provide professional health care; is often used to connect practitioners and clinical experts in large hospitals or academic medical centers with patients in smaller hospitals or critical access hospitals which are typically located in more remote locations; and can assure that these remotely located patients enjoy the same access to potentially life-saving technologies and expertise that are available to patients in more populated parts of the country.”

West Virginia Telehealth Definitions

Live Video

West Virginia Medicaid reimburses for a limited number of telehealth services that are provided to enrolled members by enrolled practitioners via a telecommunication system. WV Medicaid utilizes CMS guidance on Telehealth Services.

Telehealth Live Video Policy

Eligible Services/Specialties
Eligible Providers
Eligible Sites
Geographic Limits
Facility/Transmission Fee



Remote Patient Monitoring





Additional instructions regarding telehealth standards and billing available in the following manuals: Licensed Behavioral Health Center Services (Ch. 503); Behavioral Health Outpatient Services (Ch. 521); School-Based Health Services (Ch. 538). Limited to specific CPT codes.

Miscellaneous Telehealth Information

Private Payer Laws




Professional Regulation/Health & Safety


Practice of telemedicine means the practice of medicine using communication tools such as electronic communication, information technology or other means of interaction between a licensed health care professional in one location and a patient in another location, with or without an intervening health care provider, and typically involves secure real time audio/video conferencing or similar secure audio/video services, remote monitoring, interactive video and store-and-forward digital image or health data technology to provide or support health care delivery by replicating the interaction of a traditional in person encounter between a provider and a patient.

Telehealth Regulation, Health and Safety Definitions


Online Prescribing

Cross State Licensing

Member of the following: Nurse Licensure Compact, Physical Therapy Compact, and Compact of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

West Virginia Cross-State Licensing


Source: Center for Connected Health Policy

What services are available through Virginia Telehealth?

Vast range of medical services are available through Virginia Telehealth. Through this health initiative, healthcare providers offer virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, and e-consults. Some of the services offered include primary care, mental health, prenatal care, post-operative follow-ups, and prescription refills. Essentially, it provides safe and convenient healthcare access to Virginia residents, particularly those who have difficulty traveling to healthcare facilities. Virginia Telehealth works to expand quality healthcare access to all, no matter their geographic location.