Telehealth staffing solutions offered in all 50 states.
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Expert stroke care. Anytime, anywhere

Bridge the gap between patients in need and expert stroke care professionals.

Telestroke services for hospitals and healthcare systems. Telehealth staffing agency.

Rapid response and specialized care

Give your staff access to immediate, expert evaluation and treatment recommendations from stroke specialists via secure video conferencing. This enables timely interventions, reduces delays in stroke treatment, and significantly improves patient outcomes.

24/7 Access to Stroke Specialists: Our team of experienced neurologists and stroke care nurses is available around the clock, ensuring that patients receive expert guidance when they need it most.

Immediate Stroke Assessment: Our specialists can perform comprehensive stroke assessments in real-time, assisting in the rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients.

Rapid Response: Our Telestroke Services enable hospitals to respond quickly to stroke emergencies, reducing the time between symptom onset and treatment initiation, ultimately saving lives.