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Remote Teleneurology Consultations

Our TeleNeurologists address diverse neurological conditions such as migraines, strokes and more from the comfort of your home.

What Can Teleneurology Consultations Services Do for Your Facility?

If you’re looking to ease and provide convenience for your neurology patients, Teleneurology Consultation services may be just what your facility needs. Remote healthcare services offer neurology patients the ability to receive care even when there is no on-site neurologist available.

Teleneurology Consultation/ Hospitalist

After any neurosurgery or other neurological crisis, continuity of patient care is crucial. Our remote services provide support for post-care stroke patients and other neurological illness. Talk to us about how we can set up remote neurology services at your facility’s medical and surgical units.

Telestroke Services

When suffering a stroke, time is of the essence. Our telestroke services provide the instant care necessary to properly diagnose and consult with patients during critical situations. Ask us how our telestroke services can align with your healthcare facility and get started today.

EEG Interpretation

With teleneurology, our physicians can provide EEG interpretations. If neurology patients are looking for a second opinion, teleneurology services are an available option.

What is Teleneurology?

Teleneurology is the use of telecommunications such as phone, email, and video conferencing to improve the delivery of neurology services.

Traditional medical practices may not always be the most efficient or convenient way to provide neurological care to neurology patients. Increasing demand for remote neurologic services is growing rapidly in today’s tech-savvy society. Telehealth technology allows neurologists to extend their reach to patients suffering from neurological issues and ailments.